Free plans for Aquarowdy

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    It is steered by side mixed with differential engine thrust and the tailplane is articulated as a taileron.

    The two elevator halves each have their own servo and hopefully work a little like ailerons when changing curves.

    Aquarowdy RC Plane


    fuselage front part: The front fuselage template serves several purposes. The fuselage and rudder and the interior of the fuselage front section are cut with it. I cut out the outer contour 2x from 6cm Styrodur. Then place the two parts sideways on top of each other, use the spirit level to align them horizontally on the building board, and then gravity feed the cutting wire along the rear edge of the canopy. Then cut the lower edge of the canopy in the same way. Now you already have the canopy in two parts, which only have to be glued together in the middle. Now glue the two front parts of the fuselage back together, because you divided them with the first cut along the rear edge of the canopy. Use the template to cut out one of the two front parts of the fuselage, leaving about 3cm of material. Separate the other front part of the fuselage lengthways into two 3cm thick parts, these will become the two side walls of the front part of the fuselage. Now glue the center section that has been cut out on the inside to the two side walls of the fuselage. You can already put the canopy on top as a test. That was the most complex part.

    The concept "AquaRowdy" was created as a speedboat planing type, similar in appearance to the aircraft. The wing, located at the top of the fuselage, facilitates planing and stabilizes the boat in rough conditions, but is not able to lift the device into the air.

    When building "AquaRowdy" the main criteria are strength and durability, therefore (within reason, of course!) You can use materials and technologies that are not the most advanced in terms of weight. The material is building extruded polystyrene foam 20… 50 mm thick, processed with a hot string, pine slats for the wing spar, and the machine is covered with a thick self-adhesive film "Orakal" from the same construction store.

    "AquaRowdy" prototype templates are attached, and then everything is up to you.

    By the way, in the presented photo, the evolution of "AquaRowdy" goes from right to left.

    Successfully drives "Aqua-Rowdy" and in the snow.

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