Free plans for Spitfire 3DP

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Vademecumdoc # 19 july 2019 in 10:53 0
Give settings files for Cura please
How to make video

DW lighting slope soaring on the dam

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gusty N wind, lift wasn`t great on this long slope


How to Make RC Helicopter Using Matchbox at Home

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How To Make Helicopter Matchbox Helicopter Toy Diy 2- Please Friends watch Others Video


how to make a homemade rc plane DIY rc plane at home

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In this video i am going to show to you that how to you can make a rc plane at home.


Flying the $10 nitro-powered parkflier RC plane you can build in 20 minutes

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Got $10 and 20 minutes of spare time? Well build this nitro-powered parkflier-size RC model plane for the Cox BabyBee engine and have a ball!


How to make a Helicopter

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DIY RC Helicopter at home


Homemade F-16 airplane

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how to make rc airplane-DIY jet engine


RC Slope Soaring a Swift S1 at Rhossili

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A fabulous evening slope soaring a heavy swift at Rhossili Bay