Free plans for Spitfire 3DP

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Vademecumdoc # 19 july 2019 in 10:53 0
Give settings files for Cura please
How to make video

How To Make Cardboard Plane

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DIY - HomeMade Make Cardboard AirPlane


Great Planes Fling Slope Soaring

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After messing around in a not very useful Westerly, the wind does move round to NW after about an hour and a half


WPL C44KM Landcruiser: Unboxing, Build, Review and Comparison with WPL C34KM

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Review WPL C44KM Landcruiser  


How To Make Twin DC 180 Motors RC Airplane. DIY RC Plane

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2 x DC 180 Motors


My Favorite Drone for Kids

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SNAPTAIN SP350 Mini Drone for Kids https://amzn


Scratch Built DLG Slope Glider From Balsa, SilverHawk, ULTRA RC

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My friend James built this awesome custom slope glider from balsa and in this video, we show you all about it


Making a mini RC airplane

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Making airplanes with foam board is really handy since this material is very cheap, easy to work with and durable


Building an electric RC plane from plans - Balsa

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Video 2 gives a description of the materials I will be using to make the Millie Bob Electric RC plane