Free plans for Eclipse (pusher)

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    free plans of rc airplane Eclipse

    Wingspan — 32"
    Wing Area — 193.4 sq. in.
    Length — 32.625"
    Battery — 800 mAh 3s
    Motor — 2205 2300 Kv 
    Propeller — 5 x 4. x 3
    ESC — 10A 
    Servos — 9g (3)

    Ready to fly weight — 275g

    free plans of rc airplane Eclipse

    free plans of rc airplane Eclipse

    free plans of rc airplane Eclipse


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Steve # 9 may 2020 in 00:00 0
Made an Eclipse as my first RC plane recently. Used paper covered foam board and hot glue, it weighted in at 520g ready to fly. The plans were great, the plane is cleverly shaped so that the 2 fuselage sides interlock, saving cutting and foam board. I made the whole plane out of 1 A1 sheet. I tried it with a 2S and 3S battery, the 2S just about working but found that the 3S was really required. Found it to handle nicely, with throws set to 12 degrees on all surfaces it was nicely controllable for my beginner skills! Check out my maiden and second flight below:
Flight 2 with aerobatics:
Many thanks to the designer, its a great plane and I'm glad I built it!
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