Free plans for Trottel

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How to make video

Heat, sun, old people and RC planes - a recipe for fun

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Stephanie flew her Meteor and Bird Of Time, Roddy flew his RC digger, I few the E Sky Albatross and everyone had a jolly good time with the RC plane of their choice on what was the hottest day of...


How to make Remote Control Airplane at home | 100% flying

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How to make a flying Airplane 


RC plane sukhoi Homemade

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This video shows the buildup of 4 RC sukhois using a DIY 4 axis CNC mill


Flight test Homemade DIY RC AVATAR SCORPION 3d Printed

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 Hi, This is flight test my homemade diy avatar scorpion 3d printed


How To Make a Airplane - RC Airplane

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Hello my dear friends, in this video I`m going to show you  How To Make a Airplane


How to make a F1 RC car at home from cardboard

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Remote Control Car Amazing DIY toy



Beginners guide to Building an FPV racing quadcopter.

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Beginners guide to building an awesome high performance FPV racing drone