NOOB TUBE Foamboard Fun Flyer

A simple to build 30" fun little plane made entirely of Dollar Tree foamboard, packing tape, and hot glue.

Easy to fly and capable of basic aerobatics, probably a good second plane for newbies. Takes about 2-3 hours to build start to finish.

Specifications: length: 30" wingspan: 30" empty weight: 460g (16oz) AUW with 2200mAh 3s pack: 650g (23oz) wing chord: 6 1/2" total tail surfaces chord: 4" total horizontal stabilizer span: 14" vertical stabilizer height: 6" desired approximate CG location: 10" aft of fuselage nose, corresponding to 25% of wing chord wing location, leading edge: 8" aft of fuselage nose (*recommend placing wing at or behind this position*) powerplant: 200+/- watts, 1000kV to 1400kV, 8-9" prop, 3.8-6 pitch


Free RC plane

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