Build this - Joytrainer mini | How to make an RC airplane?

This model airplane is a trainer, an evolution of the project we made some time ago, the Joytrainer, that airplane was big and cool, it was based on the Simple Storch by Flitetest, some people wanted to have a smaller version, also I thought it should be compatible with cheaper components, and so I did it. The new model is portable and simple to make.

0:00 Intro 0:52 plans 1:53 cutting the material 2:51 shaping 4:14 glue the fuselage 7:52 control surfaces 8:44 empennage 9:14 wings 12:51 motor 14:26 connectors 14:57 control horns and servos 17:21 paint 19:39 strap the battery 20:17 landing gear 22:43 push rods 23:59 center of gravity 24:43 flights

List of components used: 2206 or similar motor with 1600KV – 2600KV. 5 “- 7” propeller (use the one recommended by the motor manufacturer). Recommended battery for beginners and stable flights: 2S from 2200 – 4000 mAh. (Do not fly on windy days with this configuration). For more power: 3S from 1500 – 3200 mAh. (You can fly on a bit windy days and do maneuvers). X4 micro servos. ESC of 30A with BEC. Radio and receiver of a minimum of 4 channels. X4 20 cm servo extensions.

⭐⭐ For a complete list of materials and components + download the plans go to the post: ⭐⭐ 


Free RC plane

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