Free plans for Cessna L-19

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alex # 5 january 2022 in 10:29 0
Download link is dead.
RC Plane Poster # 30 january 2023 in 12:37 0
Sorry. The product has been sold out.
How to make video


Eachine Tyro69. The build-it-yourself Toothpick quad. Supplied by Banggood

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Another Tyro quad appears, and this time it`s a toothpick style quad


Lidl Glider 2021 v2 slope soaring

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Wind around 8-12 knots, enough to keep the plane flying with smooth turns In this second version: full wing aleiron wing is straight now extended elevator Now it turns MUCH more! Flying in Cabo...


The Most Affordable and Reliable Drone!!! DJI Mini SE

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Buy the DJI Mini SE here: https://adorama


How To Make Mini RC Boat At Home

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Whats Up Guys! In This Video Make Your Own Rc Boat At Home


DJI Mini 2 Drone | Hands-on Review

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 This small-but-mighty drone will give you a unique perspective, weighing in at less than 249g and fitting into the palm of your hand



DIY How to make a Rc plane at home

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Brushless motor and home made RC airplane