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How to EASILY make a SMOKE SYSTEM for RC plane

O.S. LA-46 2-stroke engine with a cheap DIY smoke system.

The smoke system consist of a small tank and a pump which is controlled by a speed controller for brushed motors. The fluid is being pumped through a check-valve and then to a coil that is wrapped around the engine head for pre-heating. The fluid is then injected into the exhaust stream through a small nozzle that I mounted on the exhaust manifold.

You can also find it on ebay, just search for "rc water pump".

- Small fuel tank
- Water/fuel pump
- Speed controller compatible with the pump
- Check valve
- Aluminum/chopper tube 1/8"in, /3,2mm O.D.
- Exhaust pressure fitting
- Silicone fuel hose

Keep in mind that if you use an aggressive fluid, the hoses, tank and pump need to be compatible with that. For instance, you can not use silicon hoses with gas/petrol. Also, don`t use flammable liquids with a brushed pump motor.

The rest of the parts you can find online or your local rc-store.

Thank you for watching! :)


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