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Giant DIY WWII Stuka!

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Air gate and RC plane stand made out pvc and foam DIY

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I got a special request to show how i made my plane stand out of air gates


The RunCam Phoenix Oscar edition FPV Camera

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Following on from a poll on which camera to review, you guys chose the RunCam Phoenix Oscar edition - so here you go and you even get a bonus feature on UART based camera control !



EAChine Mini P-51D Mustang with 6 Axis Gyro from Banggood

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Great Little Micro


How to make RC airplane at home

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Hi everyone today IAM showing you how to make rc airplane at home


Lidl Glider 2021 v2 slope soaring

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Wind around 8-12 knots, enough to keep the plane flying with smooth turns In this second version: full wing aleiron wing is straight now extended elevator Now it turns MUCH more! Flying in Cabo...


How to land 3D printed plane in snow

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I`m getting millions of requests every day asking me how to land a 3D printed RC plane in snow