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How to make rc water boat at home

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In this video, I want to show you how to make RC water boat at home


Learning to Fly a Radio Controlled RC Airplane: Part 1

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What is the best RC model airplane to learn on


DIY Micro FT Spear (30% Scale)

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FT Spear turned micro


How to make simple Airplane

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How to make simple Airplane at home in hindi 


A Simple DIY Indoor RC Airplane - Build Summary

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Hey guys! This video shows an overview of the build process of a small and very rudimentary RC airplane which I recently built




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Recently we`ve been shooting episodes! Take a look behind the scenes of the RC Battlefield 1 episode and the 3d Print Lab p-38 episode!


A Modification RC Helicopter At Home - Cool Upgrade

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Hello Frends In this video upgrade your own rc helicropter at home