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    Drawings 5 model airplanes in a single archive.

    Sloika classic

    For novice.

    rc plans of 3d model sloika

    Wingspan 763 mm, wing area 12 dm^2, weight 180-200 gram.

    Sloika 3D

    For those who already know how to stay in the air and wants to try 3D.
    rc plans of 3d model sloika

    Wingspan 763 mm, wing area 12 dm^2, weight 170-180 gram.

    Sloika 3D Modern

    For fans of 3D enhanced version of the second puff.
    rc plans of 3d model sloika

    Wingspan 786 mm, wing area 12.5 dm^2, weight 170-180 gram.

    Sloika S

    With contours sport aircraft Sbach 342.
    rc plans of 3d model sloika

    Wingspan 810 mm, wing area 14.5 dm^2, weight 180-190 gram.

    Sloika AM

    On the theme of the popular models — Multiplex AcroMaster.

    rc plans of 3d model sloika

    Wingspan 778 mm, wing area 15 dm^2, weight 190-210 gram.

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Comments (1) # 17 november 2021 in 21:59 0
Your wing loading is great.
I'm starting to build my one, estimate the same wing loading like yours ( about 15g/dm2)
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