Free plans for I-16 (Polikarpov Ishak)

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How to make video

How To Make RC SU-27 With Brushless Motor

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How to make Rc model airplane with brushless motor


XJet actually flies an RC plane (for a change)

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People complain I never fly RC planes in these videos so here is some footage of me with my Taft Hobbies Viper Jet


HUGE RC Plane Under $100 Dynam Hawk Sky V2 Unboxing & Build Impressions - TheRcSaylors

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The Hawksky V2 is designed from the ground up to be a great rc plane for beginners!


How to make a Aeroplane - Big RC Airplane

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Learn - How To Make a RC Gilder Plane Simple Things 


Gentle Lady. RC sloping.

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Floating around in light wind with the classic Gentle Lady


Scratch Building an RC Plane! (Part 1)

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I`ve got no idea if this thing will even fly


Bird Plane , Glider , Fighter Plane Etc.

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In This Video we fly Big RC Airplanes which all are Home Made And made in India 


How To Make Paper Boomerang | Grasshopper Paper Boomerang Plane

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New Type of Paper Boomerang Plane