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Free plans for Flightboard

  • Added by: RC Plane Poster
  • Type: sloper, glider
  • Autor: anszwa34
  • Wingspan: 600
  • Flying Weight: 220
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    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Flightboard

    Flightboard — an ultracompact 3D printed Glider, made for beeing carried on your Backpack during Hiking or Biking Adventures. CG: 38-40mm.

    Print all Parts with 0% Infill, 1 Perimeter, 0,42-0,45mm Extrusion Width! 2 Bottom, 3 Toplayers, 230C (PLA), 0.25mm Layerheight, some overextrusion, 30% Fan. Deactivate Detect Thin walls! The Canopy has an integrated mechanism (Print in Place) so your Printer has to be calibrated well.

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Flightboard

    Fuselage and Canopy Parts should be printed with 4-5mm Brim for better adhesion, be sure to clean your Printbed properly!

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Flightboard

    This Plane was built with simplicity and budget in mind. Printing can be done on one Single Plate with a Standard Volume of 200x200x200 in one single 20hrs Print. For Assembling you just need your Electronics, some superglue, some CA Hinges and of course an hour of freetime.

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Flightboard

    It is important not to glue the Stab together with the wing Halfs as the Glue will dry to fast to align them right. Also don´t use any other glue than CA as the Stab could deform.

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Flightboard

    When glueing the Fuselage to the wings make sure to align it with center and put a good amount of glue on every single contact surface!

    free 3d printed rc plane files - rc airplane Flightboard

    Before Assembling please watch assembling Video:


    Servo 9 gramm

    SG90 Mini Gear Micro
    Buy: BangGood, AliExpress
    KittenBot® 23x12.2x29mm SG90 9g
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    SG92R Micro Digital Servo
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    4pcs Lofty Ambition MG90S
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    Racerstar MG90S 9g Micro
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    PTK 7452 MG-D 9g
    Buy: BangGood, AliExpress
    Volantex 9g Plastic Gear
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    4 X SG92R Mini
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    Pxtoys 1/18 RC Truck
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    AGF B9DLMA 2.2KG Small
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    AGF A20CLS 9g Micro
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    LiPo 2S 350mAh

    ZOP Power 7.4V 350mAh
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    ZOP Power 7.4V 350mAh
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    AHTECH Infinity 7.6V 350mAh
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    URUAV 7.6V 350mAh 50C/100C
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    Gaoneng GNB 7.4V 350mAh
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    URUAV 7.4V 350mAh 120C
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    Gaoneng GNB 2S 7.6V
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    DC-DC Converter Step Down
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    3A/5A/7A/15A BEC Brushless UBEC
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    Hobbywing 3A UBEC 5V
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    Buy: BangGood, AliExpress

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