RC Aircraft Light Module DIY - PCB Tutorial

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Hi, this circuit can reproduce the operation of the outside lights of an aircraft, in particular the Navigation lights, Strobo lights and Beacon lights... The circuit is based on a NE555 and a 4017 IC

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- 1x NE555 IC
- 1x CD4017 IC
- 2x 330Ω Resistors
- 2x 470Ω Resistors
- 2x 1KΩ Resistors
- 1x 33KΩ Resistor
- 1x 1uF @ 25V Electrolytic Capacitor
- 1x LED 3mm (PWR Led)
- 2x White LED 5mm (DX and SX Strobe)
- 1x Red LED 5mm (Beacon Light)
- 1x Red LED 5mm (SX Navigation)
- 1x Green LED 5mm (DX Navigation)
- PCB: (Ready for jlcpcb.com): http://bit.ly/31h1BGB

This circuit must be powered with 7-12V DC (9V is best), below I leave the references to view: the electronic circuit diagram, the PCB and the Gerber file to be uploaded directly on the JLCPCB website.

- PCB (Printed Circuit Board): 5:30 (FRONT) - 5:37 (BACK)
- Circuit Diagram: 5:45
- Gerber Files (Ready for jlcpcb.com): http://bit.ly/31h1BGB

*You can see the complete procedure to upload the Gerber file on jlcpcb.com in the video from 1:36
**JLCPCB have a Technical Support for exporting Gerber files from many software at this link: https://support.jlcpcb.com/category/2...

- Iron Man theme (Intro JLCPCB)


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