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Build a PRO FPV Racing Drone for ONLY $99 Full guide

Step by step guide showing you how to build an AWESOME FPV racing drone for around $99. This build is SIMPLE, CHEAP and most of all results in a crazy fast FPV racing quadcopter with awesome performance at an even better price.

GIVEAWAY details at bottom of description after component links.

PARTS - things usually sell out after I make videos on them so I linked a ton of extra components below that people can use if something sells out.

Pro Build
Frame - http://bit.ly/2w97dVd
ESC/FC combo - http://bit.ly/2Na6RUT
Motors - 2600kv - http://bit.ly/samguk2207
VTX - http://bit.ly/2BIq5zT
also think about upgrading to the nice matek vtx to go full PRO - http://bit.ly/2ADgU1n
Camera - http://bit.ly/2PB11Oe
Props - http://bit.ly/2LpkHRI

BASE Build
Frame - http://bit.ly/2w97dVd
ESCs - http://bit.ly/2od6o9T
Flight controller- http://bit.ly/2BDY5x2
Motors DYS $10 - http://bit.ly/samguk2206
Motors cheap version http://bit.ly/2PAEnW4 but get the samguks
VTX - http://bit.ly/2Lk6h5b
Camera - http://bit.ly/2w6qvLg
Props - http://bit.ly/2PBJZj1

IMPORTANT I know things sell out, A LOT and people might want other parts so there are some other links to new parts below. All of which will be great to build with.

Other frames
Martian - http://bit.ly/2o7xBuw
Transtec frog - http://bit.ly/2MNd1xr
Liberalist - http://bit.ly/2BI3cwn
TBS source1 - http://bit.ly/TBSframe
Diatone GT - http://bit.ly/2Ne95CE
LSX5 - http://bit.ly/2MKvD0R
Rooster - http://bit.ly/ArmattanRooster

Samguk Wu series - http://bit.ly/samguk2206
Samguk Shu Series - http://bit.ly/samguk2306
Samguk Wei Series - http://bit.ly/samguk2207
Cheap Racerstars but really spend a tiny bit more and get the samguks

4 in 1s
Racerstar 35 amp bl heli S - http://bit.ly/2o7xMGc
PG 50 amp 32 bit - http://bit.ly/2PAv4W8
Racerstar Tatto 25 amp - http://bit.ly/2wb08DH
RS 20 amp - http://bit.ly/2MJXQFe

individual escs
RS lite 35 amp - http://bit.ly/2BJvgzy
Hacrc 35 amp - http://bit.ly/2OZgmH2
RS 20amp - http://bit.ly/2w7pkLu
RS m series 35 amp - http://bit.ly/2LlHs93

combo ESCs with FC built in
tattooF4 - http://bit.ly/2AGFvR7
Starf4- http://bit.ly/2Na6RUT
DYS stack - http://bit.ly/2nGU18y

F4 Flight controllers
DYS F4 - http://bit.ly/2OVTmZm
HakRc - http://bit.ly/2w928MH
Matek - http://bit.ly/2PAfrhc
DalRc- http://bit.ly/2BJlMnY
Speedybee - http://bit.ly/2w6pjHy

Other FPV Cameras
Caddex micro - http://bit.ly/2iCTIGg
Micro Arrow v2 - http://bit.ly/2o7SHsC
eagle 2 - http://bit.ly/2PzqG9N
Foxeer Falkor - http://bit.ly/2MwyYS3

Other VTXS
tx805 - http://bit.ly/2BFvisg
Stealth - http://bit.ly/2Pzl5As
black knight - http://bit.ly/2w93vLl
matek vtx- http://bit.ly/2ADgU1n

Avan Flows - http://bit.ly/2NdBo4k
king kong - http://bit.ly/2w7svmo
Cyclone - http://bit.ly/2BIeAsd
4blade RS - http://bit.ly/2o6z0S7

Antennas -
pagoda - http://bit.ly/2My1DpE
aomway omni - http://bit.ly/2NdifPT
Aomway stick - http://bit.ly/2PxE26x
UXII - http://bit.ly/2MS9yNU

Aomway Commanders - http://bit.ly/CommandersAomway
Viper goggles - http://bit.ly/FXTviper

QX7 - http://bit.ly/2AXlich
X-lite - http://bit.ly/Frskyxlite
i6 - http://bit.ly/2w7vDi8

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