Free plans for Elexin

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Didier # 26 september 2019 in 18:41 0
Thank you for the plan, I'm going to build it...

Best regards
How to make video

How to Make a Flying Bird (Ornithopter)

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Amazing Toy


how to make flying tubular plane

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New fresh tubular Flying Plane idea


Classic RC Plane & helicopter Crash Fails & Mishaps

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crashes, bad landings and many, many tears  


How to make a Jet Aeroplane

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Learn - How To Make a Fighter Jets Preflight + Takeoff/Landing 


Arduino Flight Controller for RC Plane

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Hello Friends today am going to show you how you can make arduino flight controller at home


Flite Test Tiny Trainer with FPV camera Spotter V2

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power pack F 3cell 800mAh 65C FPV camera : Spotter V2 Micro FPV Camera from amazon 2cell 300mAh 65C


RC diy Ajin slow flyer plane - crash!!!

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too low


Volantex Saber 920 Review • 3D EPO RC Plane Build Notes and Maiden Flight

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Volantex Saber 920 3D EPO RC Plane Build Notes and Maiden Flight