Fan Powered 3D Printed RC Airboat

This is the fully 3D printed RC airboat Speed 2.0. I had an idea to design a high speed airboat using a 64mm ducted fan. I started my work in Fusion360 by studying speed boats hull design and transferring the knowledge to design an airboat that could move at high speed on water. It was 3D printed with PLA on the Xinkebot Orca Cygnus. It was designed to be printed standing up, with a printing time of roughly 30-40 hours depending on settings. Once it was completed I gave it some black paint and contuined printing the remaining parts. After Installing the EDF, speed controller, receiver and servo the airboat is ready to RUMBLE!

The overall result was positive. It ended up on the heavier side, only the plastic is 800g of weight. However, in the next video I will print it lighter and re-design a couple of key components to make it feel more locked in on the water.

Good For You - THBD
Voyage - LEMMiNO

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