Free plans for Variante

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How to make video


Slope Soaring the Starlet

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It`s been a couple of weeks since I`ve last been out flying, so it was nice to get out and take advantage of a favorable wind and fly one of my old school slope soarers


How to Build a Racing Drone

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Beware of Scammers Please Contact Only through My Email mesh


Hangflug mit VAYU Nurflügel Brett

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Hangflug mit Brett Nurflügel VAYU


How to make rc Matchbox Helicopter Car At home

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How to make Free energy rc Matchbox Helicopter Car


Homemade Rc Jet Plane

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How To Make Rc Jet Plane at Home


how to make a rc plane (micro #1)

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Flight video


Flite Test Mini Sportster Maiden knife edge CRASH

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dropped a parachute using Aileron :) next time we will try a separate servo to drop a thing