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влад comments3D printed Yak-55 22 november 2020 in 12:21

Я распечатал вашу модель, получилась очень тяжёлая и с сильной задней центровкой. Двигатель слабоват, подойдёт 2212 1400 kv, винт 8045. Как ни старался центровку не удалось вывести хотя бы на центр крала, установил контроллер полёта, думаю с его помощью хоть как то компенсирую центровку. Попробую облетать как выпадет больше снега, но думаю она не способна стабильно летать. 0 commentsBig Brother 16 november 2020 in 23:22

Does anyone have a build log of this 'Big Brother' or construction notes... 0

Hassan commentsMirage 2000 26 october 2020 in 22:55

can you tell me size of this plain with all dimension? 0

RC Plane Poster commentedEdge 540T 30cc 19 october 2020 in 00:08

Unfortunately, this aircraft model was assembled more than 7 years ago. Drawings from the author from the Russian forum.

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 330 19 october 2020 in 00:04

CG - 30%.

RC Plane Poster commentedDrake Seaplane 19 october 2020 in 00:02

A plastic bottle is heated with a construction hairdryer on a wooden cylinder. The plastic shrinks and a blank is obtained.

Tomas commentsExtra 330 18 october 2020 in 09:09

hello, where is the center of gravity? what components did you use for what electric motor and servos? THX 0

nihar commentsEdge 540T 30cc 14 october 2020 in 22:11

can you give full photo of the model after its ready 0

Bob commentsDrake Seaplane 12 october 2020 in 19:27

I am interested in making this plane. I have a question. what did you use for the clear plastic housing that is around the motor? 0

Joe Carpino (Content Creator) commentsF-15 Micro 30 september 2020 in 05:34

sorry about the last comment, disregard that. i see author credit to my name 0

Joe Carpino (Content Creator) commentsF-15 Micro 30 september 2020 in 05:19

Just curious, This is my video and content, i never got any notification of permission to post this under your watermark. if you give me credit to all content in this article of my videos and pictures then id be happy to keep this post up. 0

RC Plane Poster commentedPrint and fly. PAF 12 august 2020 in 13:54

2 круглых штыря - это для крепления крыла резинкой. Крыло просто клеится. Если будет силовой 3Д пилотаж, то можно вставить карбоновый лонжерон.

Алексей commentsPrint and fly. PAF 7 august 2020 in 16:50

скажите а крыло собирается на два круглых карбоновых стержня, или просто клеится. видно в профиле крыла 2 круглых отверствия 0

Qawi commentsBloody Baron 22 july 2020 in 14:27

very nice and good flyable rc plane 0

Vaughan commentsSlick 360-35 6 july 2020 in 04:07

Hi there, i have just finnished building this wonderful bird, what is the starting cg? 0

Paulo commentsMiG-3 26 june 2020 in 20:36

Very beatifull model 0

Herbal commentsReview of Eachine E016H Mini Drone from Banggood com 21 june 2020 in 13:00

Salut, voulais savoir si possibilité de bind avec flysky fsi6 et irangeX IRX6...
Marci de votre réponse

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 300S 45 12 june 2020 in 12:07

I do not use an illustrator, so I can’t tell you.

tab commentsExtra 300S 45 12 june 2020 in 11:19

I would like to know the scale per% in Adobe Illustrator CS6. 0

tab commentsEdge 540T 30cc 12 june 2020 in 07:41

I want to know the size in illustrator. How much scale do I need to enlarge? 0
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