Volantex 759-3

Volantex 759-3 Phoenix 2400mm

2.4 Meter Wingspan Powered RC Glider


Fantastic Flight Superb Gliding Perfomance


Go: BangGood, AliExpress

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Lubos commentsVertigo 3M 13 august 2019 in 08:22

Very nice work, Beautiful plane. It is a pity that more photos from the building with higher resolution are not published. 0

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 330 mini 3 august 2019 in 15:40

Yes you can.

Lukas Bradley commentsExtra 330 mini 29 july 2019 in 19:55

can i put a 500kv motor on that 0

Vademecumdoc commentsSpitfire 3DP 19 july 2019 in 10:53

Give settings files for Cura please 0

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 300 18 july 2019 in 00:39

See updadet article. I added electronics for this model airplane.

joel commentsExtra 300 17 july 2019 in 18:23

Any recommendations for Battery pack and Propeller size for this motor? 0

Naveen commentsRC Homemade Remote Control Airplane Flying Beginner Do it at home 16 june 2019 in 09:02

Hi this is Naveen ,I really love this website 0

Joel commentsWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 21 may 2019 in 19:58

This is an awesome model design you have made. Can you recommend servo, motor, ESC, and Propeller size for this plane? I have started printing the plane and it is turning out very well so far. I'm looking forward to getting it completed. 0

Unknown commentsCartoon Boeing 737 17 may 2019 in 17:45


hoangvu commentsSpitfire v2 combat plane 11 may 2019 in 08:21

tiuerk 0

RC Plane Poster commentedWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 4 may 2019 in 15:51

You can read the article more closely. 3D printer settings are indicated in it.

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 300 4 may 2019 in 15:48

An example of 3D printer settings can be viewed in this article: http://rc-plans.com/articles/make-extra-300.html

Amine commentsWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 3 may 2019 in 23:18

Nice model.
Can you give me a video of building

Tom commentsExtra 300 1 may 2019 in 14:48

Nice model.
How "Body and Wing"Perimetr and infill??

Tom commentsWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 1 may 2019 in 14:47

Nice model.
How "Body and Wing"Perimetr and infill??

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 300 28 april 2019 in 00:59

Hacker A50-12 S V4 kv480

Michael commentsExtra 300 27 april 2019 in 20:23

what motor would you recommend for this plane? 0

RC Plane Poster commentedAngry Birds 8 march 2019 in 18:16

How to translite a plans: http://rc-plans.com/articles/translite-a-plans.html

RC Plane Poster commentedJetstream 8 march 2019 in 18:15

See the article: http://rc-plans.com/articles/translite-a-plans.html

anon commentsJetstream 6 march 2019 in 11:23

english plans? 0
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