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RC Plane Poster commentedSbach 342 5 april 2020 in 00:03

Unfortunately, I cannot devote much time to the site. When at least 500 Patrons gather at the, I can start making step-by-step instructions for building aircraft models for each of the drawings.

Deven commentsSbach 342 4 april 2020 in 22:24

Please provide Build Guide- step by step. 0

RC Plane Poster commentedOwl-RT 30 march 2020 in 14:57

Unfortunately, I cannot devote much time to the site. When at least 500 Patrons gather at the, I can start translating all the drawings into a PDF format.

Hamees commentsOwl-RT 29 march 2020 in 20:47

Look at the top left of the page where there is a small picture of the same plane the is an option for downloading its plan 0

Jose Daniel Perez commentsOwl-RT 28 march 2020 in 08:51

can you share the plans in pdf format A4 please? Thanks 0

bob bertram commentsCap 10 22 march 2020 in 12:08

Sorry but I meant to click on 5 stars! 0

RC Plane Poster commentedPrint and fly. PAF 9 march 2020 in 11:13

In order not to add weight to the nose, you can print a spacer under the motor.
If the motor moves forward, the CG will also move.

Terje commentsPrint and fly. PAF 8 march 2020 in 12:56

Thanks you for posting the files.
Your design printed just fine with PLA. Unfortunately the final assembly turned out to be tail heavy and will require additional weight in the nose section to get CG right. As the total flying weight is quite high this might be unfavourable. An updated version could maybe lean out the design of the tail feathers and have thinner fuselage walls.
My two cents worth.
Happy flying

RC Plane Poster commentedPT-19 Sport Scale 5 march 2020 in 21:06

You can download the drawings of this radio-controlled aircraft model on the left side of the site. Good luck with your construction and flights!

Arman tavana commentsPT-19 Sport Scale 5 march 2020 in 20:33

Hello my name is arman i need this plane laser plans you can send me lasers file thanks. 0

Willie commentsPrint and fly. PAF 29 february 2020 in 16:00

try using meshmixer to join the parts 0

mamahsyasilfae@gmail commentsPiper Cherokee 26 february 2020 in 15:12

i know this plane who built that julius perdana my inspirator at facebook grup of KAI 0

RC Plane Poster commentedPinkus Doppelbock 14 february 2020 in 09:44

These radio-controlled biplane drawings are a refinement of the aircraft model Pinkus EXTRA. All other parts from this plane.
So submit the material - a whim of the author of the drawing.

Luciën commentsPinkus Doppelbock 13 february 2020 in 14:23

What a lovely plane. Looks beautiful.
I see unfortunatly the downloadable plans only covers for the wing build. Is there any plans available for the fuselarge etc.

Никита commentsSpitfire v2 combat plane 6 february 2020 in 22:34

А какой толщины используется материал? На чертеже это не указано. 0

Alex Castillo commentsBig Flat Ultimat 6 february 2020 in 00:31

Nice bipe, I want to build one, can you tell me the tickness of the different foams (white for structure and blue foam i haven saw it) used for this plane?? Thanks in advance 0

SAID commentsPilatus PC-21 5 february 2020 in 20:03


Freekshot commentsVertigo 3M 26 january 2020 in 01:52

Is there assembly plan? Couse i'm having trouble putting it together -.-' 0

Mukhdi commentsMinimal 24 january 2020 in 17:21

This is a great Design ... I really like the Stabilizer model 0

t miller commentsAngry Birds 28 december 2019 in 16:44

anyone have drawings for the other birds? 0
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