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Rcfoam commentsExtra 300 26 november 2019 in 01:27

Very pretty but at that wingloading you would land at what?? 25mph?? 0

Didier commentsElexin 26 september 2019 in 18:41

Thank you for the plan, I'm going to build it...

Best regards

Andre commentsSea Duck 23 september 2019 in 16:03

It`s banana! :-) 0

Максим commentsEclipson Model Z 21 september 2019 in 19:26

Ккакой управляющий контроллер использовал?? 0

Michael comments3D printed Yak-55 2 september 2019 in 12:07

I saw your video and I'm going to print this plane. I just build and crashed my first scratch-built plane, and didn't bother fixing it. I found this and conveinantly already had all the parts required. You say in the video that you couldn't test fly it but you said that if someone could you said they could email you? You also said that you were going to make an improved "version 2," I couldn't find any other mention of this improved second version. Is it just you updating the STL files here, or is it completley new plane.

I'm just asking if you confirmed that the plane flew and if there is a better "second version."

If you have no such confirmation you can email me and after i build my plane i will fly it.


Звездочёт commentsVertigo 3M 28 august 2019 in 21:27

есть целая фотохроника разработки, постройки модели. Также есть видео облёта 0

Lubos commentsVertigo 3M 13 august 2019 in 08:22

Very nice work, Beautiful plane. It is a pity that more photos from the building with higher resolution are not published. 0

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 330 mini 3 august 2019 in 15:40

Yes you can.

Lukas Bradley commentsExtra 330 mini 29 july 2019 in 19:55

can i put a 500kv motor on that 0

Vademecumdoc commentsSpitfire 3DP 19 july 2019 in 10:53

Give settings files for Cura please 0

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 300 18 july 2019 in 00:39

See updadet article. I added electronics for this model airplane.

joel commentsExtra 300 17 july 2019 in 18:23

Any recommendations for Battery pack and Propeller size for this motor? 0

Naveen commentsRC Homemade Remote Control Airplane Flying Beginner Do it at home 16 june 2019 in 09:02

Hi this is Naveen ,I really love this website 0

Joel commentsWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 21 may 2019 in 19:58

This is an awesome model design you have made. Can you recommend servo, motor, ESC, and Propeller size for this plane? I have started printing the plane and it is turning out very well so far. I'm looking forward to getting it completed. 0

Unknown commentsCartoon Boeing 737 17 may 2019 in 17:45


hoangvu commentsSpitfire v2 combat plane 11 may 2019 in 08:21

tiuerk 0

RC Plane Poster commentedWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 4 may 2019 in 15:51

You can read the article more closely. 3D printer settings are indicated in it.

RC Plane Poster commentedExtra 300 4 may 2019 in 15:48

An example of 3D printer settings can be viewed in this article: http://rc-plans.com/articles/make-extra-300.html

Amine commentsWorking instructions Extra 300 – 3D Printable 3 may 2019 in 23:18

Nice model.
Can you give me a video of building

Tom commentsExtra 300 1 may 2019 in 14:48

Nice model.
How "Body and Wing"Perimetr and infill??
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